A Survey of Biblical Sexuality
Think you have read all that there is on the subject of sexuality from the Bible?

Think again!
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Religious moralists have taken the wonderful gifts of human beauty and sexuality and made them something dirty and sinful. Much is at stake regarding truth, as well as the nature and character of God Himself.
A groundbreaking work providing …
• A refreshingly honest and uninhibited look at sexuality.
• A breath of fresh air from the religious and Victorian mentalities.
• A daring and valuable glimpse at the wonderful light just outside sexuality’s prison-cell door.
Did you know …
• That our sexuality is a gift from God?.
• That God provided for the temporary sexual needs of servants under the law of Moses?
• That God did not make Eve from Adam’s “rib”?
• That God’s Word encourages men to be sexually intoxicated?
• That one of God’s prophets to Israel prophesied in the nude for three years?
• That the Scriptures talk about men being genitally hung like horses?
• That King David of Israel danced publicly in the nude?
• That one of God’s great servants had sexual intercourse with his wife outdoors, in view of others?
• That Martin Luther was known by his enemies as the “Sex-devil Incarnate”?
• That there is a connection between the words “testify,” “testament,” and “testicles”?
• That the words “moral” and “morality” never occur in the Bible?
Did you ever wonder why …
• Many men of the Scriptures had multiple wives, with God’s blessing?
• The female breasts are so prominently placed?
• God’s covenant sign with Israel was on the male penis?
• When King David was dying, the most beautiful virgin of the kingdom was selected to lie with him?
• Of the 7 things in Proverbs 6 that are an abomination to God, there’s not a sexual sin in the bunch?
by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
ISBN: 9781934251607
228 Pages
A Survey of Biblical Sexuality
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